Considering university after Year 12? Studying locally just got easier.

13 Mar 2023

It used to be the case that if you lived in a rural area, going to uni meant going AWAY to uni.

Thankfully that’s no longer the case. With so many courses now available online, studying for a university degree without leaving home is easier than ever.

But what about all the things you don’t get as a distance student? Like hanging out with other students, study nooks at the library, and decent internet that you don’t have to pay for?


You CAN enjoy all of those things at Country Universities Centre Cape York.

Our learning spaces are available free of charge to any student enrolled in any degree at any Australian university. We’re like a coworking space for rural and regional students.

Sounds interesting… tell me more about this decent internet that I don’t have to pay for.

Yes, here at CUC you can access free, reliable, high-speed internet.

Repeat. Free, reliable, high-speed internet.

Our Centres also offer quiet study spaces, a campus-like environment where you can connect with other students, and wrap-around support for your learning every step of the way.

This means you can earn your degree, without relocating, and still get all the good stuff!

We’re open 6am-midnight daily so you can study when it suits you, and when you register with us (which doesn’t cost you anything remember?) you also have access to computers, printers and videoconferencing facilities.

I’m still not sure uni is for me.   

If you’re still deciding on a course or you’re not even sure university study is right for you, our Centre Managers and Learning Skills Advisors can help you work through those decisions too. We can even point you in the direction of financial support and scholarships.

With over a dozen CUC sites across Australia and more on the way, we’re helping more people in regional Australia obtain the degree they’ve dreamed of.

Is now the time to turn your university dream into a reality?

Want to register our Centres?

Contact us here.

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