Jenni James

Centre Manager

Jenni is the founding Centre Manager of CUC Cape York and has lived and worked in the area for over 9 years, previously working in various grants and economic development roles for Cook Shire Council.

A self-professed life-long-learner, Jenni is currently studying her Master's In Business Administration and has extensive experience in online study at all levels as a mature age student. She understands the pressures of juggling studies, work, family and remote living.

Jenni is available to help make every students learning journey a success without the stress! She is available for registrations and course enrollment assistance, learning skills advice, student wellbeing support, scholarship advice and technical assistance.

Kerry Clough

Student Support & Outreach Coordinator

Kerry has a background working in community service, training and mentoring. While living in Tasmania she assisted migrants during their early settlement in Australia. She also has worked for 3 Universities, located in Tasmania, the Sunshine Coast and remote Central Desert region, the Northern Territory, providing training, student services, advocacy and welfare support.

Kerry is enthusiastic about her new role at the CUC Cape York hub supporting students and outreach to the local Cape York communities. She is enjoying her new community and the natural beauty of the area and is looking forward to making new connections.

Tiannie Otto

Indigenous Engagement Coordinator

Tiannie has always been passionate about education and has studied many different courses like Horticulture, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and is currently studying Child, Youth & Family Intervention. Whether you need guidance on managing stress, tips for effective studying, or simply someone to talk to, Tiannie is dedicated to your wellbeing and academic success.

"I understand the challenges that come with studying externally but the support I received from my past coordinators gave me the confidence to keep going. I hope to inspire anyone who might be thinking of study to go for it, and I look forward to supporting you on your journey."